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It is a matter of great pleasure and pride for me to welcome all our students and parents.

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Welcome to Sree Narayana Guru College of Commerce

Sree Narayana Mandira Samiti, a registered educational and charitable trust, manages Sree Narayana Guru College of Commerce.  This trust was formed in the year 1963 to perpetuate the memory of Sree Narayana Guru a great saint and social reformer of Kerala.
“Gain freedom through education” is the ideology based on which this institution is functioning.  It has been promoting higher education since 1986 among the economically and socially neglected segments of the society.




National University Students’ Skills Development (NUSSD) Programme


The National University Students’ Skill Development (NUSSD) is a Pilot Programme undertaken in 9 States across 11 Universities and 34 colleges. It aims at increasing employability of students by imparting knowledge & skills.

NUSSD courses are designed on an integrated framework that pedagogically links academic course content, skill training and application for well-being as a “credit-bearing educational experience". In addition to imparting skills required for experience in a vocation, the course will also foster inner capacities of students, inculcating values of civic responsibility, and build their competencies to work effectively in complex, inter-relate, social and organizational environments.

The NUSSD Domain Courses have been listed based on   employment opportunities in key sectors in different regions.


The purpose of NUSSD

·         Foster socially conscientious students grounded in respect for people and concerned about the welfare of others.

·         Develop skills, competencies and knowledge to intervene in an equal and sustainable manner in the social and economic development of people.

·         Gain a Diploma in specific competencies and skills   enhancing employability in addition to receiving a Degree in the field of study.


The foundational courses include:


·         Motivating Youth for Skill Building

·         Digital Literacy

·         Financial Literacy

·         Legal Literacy

·         English Communication

·         Youth Leadership & People skills

·         Introduction to Entrepreneurship

·         Working With Communities Leading to Field         



Notice Board


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Flash News

# BSC.IT Industrial Visit to C-DAC on 4th Feb 2016.

# Blood donation camp- 27th Jan 2016.

# Participated in Swacch Bharat Abhiyan Oragnized by Cricket Group of Mahada Colony at RBK Garden - 24th Jan 2016.

Degree Certificate Distribution Ceremony on 23rdJan 2016.

MYSOOR Colony Mock Drill Session on 16th Jan 2016.

# Seminar on Road Safety awareness on 15th Jan 2016.

# Gandhian Philosphy Exam on 14th Jan 2016.

# 7 Days residential camp to YUSUF MAHER ALI centre from 17th December to 23rd December

#M.O.U Signed between TISS(SMSC-School of Media & Cultural Studies) and Sree Narayana Guru College of Commerce(BMM Department)-18-12-2015

# Career Guidance Session By Chairman & Managing Director of Jyothi Laboratories Ltd. Shri. M.P. Ramachandran on- 08th August 2015

# Parents Teacher Association Meet  for All TY students of Aided and Non- Aided Sections on - 04th July 2015.

#  Adult Education classes begins - 15th May 2015.

#  Campus Placement - 17th and 18th June 2015.

#  Placement Finale Celebration - 20th June 2015. 

# Sree Narayana Guru College Of Commerce sports academy started function.